What To Expect

We consider it our privilege to welcome you to Jamestown Reformed Church.  The following information serves as a brief snapshot regarding each of our worship services.  However, if you have specific or additional questions, please feel free to contact the office.

When you arrive you will be greeted by our valet parking service at the front door.  Be sure to say "hi" to these great people.  They enjoy making it easier for those moms or dads who have little ones to bring into church on a rainy day or for those who find a longer walk into church difficult to manage.  As you walk into the lobby you will be greeted by friendly people and conversation.

We love children!  And, if you have young toddlers or a baby requiring a nursery, we are ready to help you.  Children are always welcomed in the worship service.  We also offer a variety of other opportunities for your child during worship.  For more information on our programs, please click here

Some folks wonder what they should wear in worship.  We believe that God looks beyond our personal attire and is most interested in our hearts.  But, as you look around the Sanctuary, you will see people dressed in suits, business casual attire, jeans, shorts, and even t-shirts. Remember, your heart and your attitude matter the most to God!